Life begins at 40!

I have turned 40 today! It feels strange. On the one hand I feel 30 and on the other I feel 50 🙂 Talk about messed up!

One thing is for sure – I feel incredibly blessed. There are enough reference points immediately available, to remind me that being alive with all limbs attached to my body is a celebration in itself. Then I can add the fact that I am still married to the same woman and we have a daughter and a son – privilege and miracle/s respectively.

Professionally, I have found my calling and love what I do and who I work with. My work is not always easy or fun but it is immensely rewarding and most of the time I forget that I am earning a living while helping to build high performance teams where the pace is fast but good natured and the circumstances are challenging but full of camaraderie…

We have recently moved from South Africa to Scotland, Cape Town to Aberdeen to progress our careers in the Energy Sector and it feels appropriate that we’ve arrived here to take the next step as I turn 40!

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with UK based friends while Ange is a little closer to home (Europe and N America).

I’ve also just discovered crossfit and have joined the Aberdeen Box. It is the closest thing to the Lympstone Gym experience that I have found in 20 years! Mid life crisis? 100% correct 🙂

I aim to blog more in my 40s so chat soon…


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