Update from Ange

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Message from Ange

Apologies for the group email but I just wanted to send a sign of life, let you know that all is well in Aberdeen and send through some photos of our two little people, both happy and healthy and adjusting well to life in Aberdeen. Hard to believe we’ve already been here for 2.5 months!

Leola is her usual self, learning amazing new words and ways to express herself every day and constantly making me smile. Some of her latest expressions: “Don’t worry Mummy. I know you didn’t mean to do that…” (when I accidentally got her hand stuck between high chair and table) or, said with a serious face as she sits down on her new little stool: “Mummy, I need to teach you something. This is how you do a wee …” followed by interesting facial expressions. The latest one this morning: “Mummy, I need to have a conversation with you.” Seriously, a conversation…?! She’s a more considerate and caring big sister to Zac every day. It’s amazing how much she’s already trying to help him and teach him.

Zachary is also coming on in leaps and bounds. Whereas three weeks ago he still seemed to be just a little (big) baby, today he’s a sturdy big boy, eating solids (pureed fruit), sitting up unassisted (until he slowly slumps sideways), and rolling over, tummy to back and vice versa. He also makes the cutest little sounds and loves nothing more than watching Leola, trying to catch her eye and working hard to interact with her and smile. Leola is a wizz on her iPad and Zac is already showing lots of interest in the iPad, trying to grab it and touch things on the screen when she’s watching a video or playing a game. He’s an amazingly content baby, loves to cuddle, and usually smiles with the odd piercing scream when his teeth are bothering him.

Last week, we took the train down to Edinburgh to apply for Zac’s Dutch passport, which we need for our trip to Canada coming up in a few weeks’ time. Ideally this should have been done a few weeks earlier but hopefully we still made it in time and with a bit of luck his passport will arrive 2 to 3 days before we fly.

For the rest, all is well. Tim left to go back to Ghana two weeks ago, which was a bit of a shock to the system as with both Tim and Sue gone it truly is just me, the kids and the dog. We have a “nanny” for 3 x 3/4 days a week while I’m at work and now also have a cleaner for 4 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but with work being hectic, Gandalf needing walks rain or shine, and the kids not quite understanding that I’ve only got one pair of hands, it’s still quite a bit of a juggling act until we figure out a routine and build up a better local support network.

I’m forever grateful to Caroline for introducing me to the beauty of Sainsbury’s online as 90% of our groceries now get delivered here rather than me having to pack the kids in the car and shop with two little people in tow (it doesn’t work… I keep forgetting what I set out to get.)

Anyway, time to run and get a few things done before I collapse into bed. Hope this finds everyone well and happy. We miss Cape Town and are sad we haven’t yet had a chance to go down to England to visit everyone down there, but we’ll get around to it one day!

Lots of love … and, before I forget, our address and phone details:

The Wighams
26 Polmuir Road
AB11 7SY
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1224 592 7676

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