What Sets Professional Speakers Apart?

What Sets Professional Speakers Apart?

*Professional Speakers Have Presence*

One major difference between those who speak as a hobby and paid speakers is that the professionals often possess tremendous presence. If you speak on an unpaid basis, it isn’t required that you have a riveting stage presence, a commanding delivery style, or a message that is highly inspiring. By contrast, professional speakers take time to focus and hone their presentation and stage skills. Eventually they become deeply balanced and comfortable in front of an audience. They can forget feeling self-conscious, overcome their fears, and concentrate fully on giving an outstanding keynote presentation. This characteristic of self-possession represents one of the main hallmarks that distinguish paid motivational speakers from their unpaid counterparts.

*Paid Speakers Have Passion To Spare*

All great presenters have a passion for their topic and can deliver their message with feeling and sincerity. However, presenters of a high caliber very often have an extra special energy inherent in their keynote address, and an added degree of passion. It is this extra element of inspirational energy that makes a speaker truly great, and masterful speakers have developed it deeply. As audience members, we are highly aware of when a speaker is sincere and connecting from the heart, but those who are still learning about how to become a professional speaker have not yet overcome their inner jitters and lack of confidence to a thorough enough extent that they can achieve this standard. Beginner speakers should therefore strive to become highly attuned to recognizing this ‘passion propensity’ in experienced speakers, and are well advised to attempt to bring it out from within themselves when they are first becoming a motivational speaker.

There is an ineffable quality about experienced speakers. They have poise and deep self-belief. New speakers who are starting their professional speaking business should spend time developing their presentation skills so that they can learn to feel comfortable in front of large groups of people. If you have a strong on stage presence, people will truly listen to what you say, but if you combine that with a sincerely heartfelt passion, audiences will begin to be inspired by what you say. That combination is where the magic and power of a speaker meets.

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